Elegant Events would very much enjoy preparing your meal in advance of your event for you and your loved ones, coworkers or committee members. We will prepare your *entire meal for yourself and three guests as it will be prepared and served to your guests.


We request that an event menu be selected in advance of the tasting so the items we will prepare for you will be the same items during the event. If certain menu items are not enjoyed during the tasting, we will have the opportunity to replace these items for others.


There is a $100 tasting fee that will be payable the time of the tasting. Once you sample our wonderful food, and are contracted with Elegant Events to cater your event, this fee will be reduced from your balance due.


If you have already contracted our services with a deposit, we will be happy to provide you with a tasting of selected items at no charge


*Based on parties of 100 or more guests. For smaller parties, typically having all appetizers, you may choose a selection of the agreed upon menu items for tasting. The amount of items will be a mutual agreement by yourself and the management of Elegant Events Catering Incorporated.