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(Please be advised that some items are seasonal and some items will require an oven on site for quality and presentation of appetizer)


Ahi tuna tartare on crispy wonton "taco" with wasabi aioli

 Mini fried fish taco with spicy slaw and salsa verde

Smoked salmon mousse rosette on Belgian endive

Mini potato pancakes topped with smoked salmon, sour cream and chives

Jumbo poached prawn in mini shot glass with cocktail sauce

Andouille sausage and shrimp skewers with Creole mustard sauce

Asian marinated prawn wrapped in snow peas

Achiote and chipotle marinated and grilled prawns wrapped in smoky bacon

Shrimp scampi filled mushroom tops

Polenta canapé with Pesto and scampi style prawn

Mini Maryland style crab cakes with caper remoulade

Dungeness crab wontons

Thai Dungeness crab salad in a filo cup

Dungeness crab filled mushroom tops with Havarti gratin

 Seared Day Boat scallop on roasted potato canapé with pea puree and fresh mint

 Apple wood smoked bacon wrapped Day Boat scallops




Baby new potato filled with French goat’s cheese and sun dried tomato mousse

 Twice baked “loaded” baby new potato

 Mini poblano chili and Cotija cheese relleno tartlet

Wild mushroom ragout tartlet with fresh herbs

Goat cheese stuffed artichoke hearts in Parmesan crust, Meyer lemon aioli

Black olive tapenade in filo cup with feta cheese

“Caprese” tomato, fresh Ciliegine mozzarella and fresh basil skewer, aged balsamic syrup

Watermelon and feta cheese bites en skewer with mint leaf chiffonade

​Poached pear with arugula, English Stilton and walnut on toasty bread round

​Spinach and feta filled mushroom tops

Potato and pea samosa with cilantro-mint chutney

Goat’s cheese and fresh fig tartlet (seasonal)

Petit grilled vegetable, pesto and Fontina quiche

Petit spinach and feta quiche

Mini grilled cheese sandwich fingers grilled Panini style with Tuscan tomato bisque soup shot



Tandoori chicken in filo cups with lightly curried crème fraîche and mango garnis

Duck confit a l’ orange in mini filo cups with citrus crème fraîche

Fried chicken nuggets on Belgian waffle canapé with Sriracha-maple syrup drizzle

Mini flat bread rounds with hummus and Moroccan chicken, tahini puree

Petite chicken satay bites in shot glass with peanut sauce

Mini chicken Wellington bites

Crostini with grilled chicken, Gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions and walnuts

Mini flat bread rounds with Tandoori chicken, mango chutney and fresh ginger-cilantro yogurt

Achiote and chipotle marinated and grilled chicken bites wrapped in smoky bacon

Mini all American chicken pot pies with puff pastry top hat

Chicken-apple sausage “in a blanket-on a pick” with apple chutney


Barbecued pulled pork on crispy tortilla round with green apple slaw

Prosciutto di Parma picks with drunken melon, mint chiffonade

Spanish chorizo and golden potato empanadas

Serrano ham wrapped Mission figs filled with Manchego cheese

Andouille sausage and shrimp skewers with Creole mustard sauce

Smoked sausage skewer with raspberry –jalapeno dipping sauce

Grilled fennel, Italian sausage, goat cheese and sun dried tomato flatbread pizzettas

Twice baked “loaded” baby new potato (with bacon)


Italian sausage and Parmesan filled mushroom tops

Petit quiche Lorraine with smoky bacon and caramelized onions



Red chili seared tri tip on mini tostada round with mango salsa

Cuban shredded beef and golden raisin empanadas

Mini beef Wellington bites

Beef Bourguignon pot pies with herb de Provence streusel

Petite shepherd’s pie with ground lamb, peas, carrot and onions topped with white cheddar mash

Mini flatbread rounds with baba ghannoj, Greek marinated lamb and tzatziki

 Rack of lamb “lollipops” Persillade


Seared New York Steak Bites (Choose Your Own Sauce)

Cambozola Cheese Fondue, Brandy Cream Demi-Glace, Béarnaise, Tomato-Tarragon Cream, N’awlins Creole, Zinfandel Demi-Glace, Jack Daniels Wild Mushroom, Caribbean Jerk BBQ, Creamy Marsala with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Guinness and Gruyere Fondue 









*Beautiful cascading sliced seasonal fresh fruit presentation

Flowing display of fresh vegetable crudite with Romesco dipping sauce

Imported and Domestic cheese display with crackers and baguette

Gourmet antipasti display of cured meats, grilled and roasted vegetables and relishes


Scottish smoked salmon accompanied by rye breads, honey mustard and classic garnishing


Deluxe seafood bar with oysters, prawns, and snow crab w/ mignonette and cocktail sauces


Jumbo prawn cocktail display with cocktail sauce and fresh lemon

*Balsamic marinated fresh asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto di Parma

*Halved baby artichokes with rosette of garlic aioli

Hot artichoke and three-cheese fondue served with sourdough squares

Guinness dark beer and Gruyere cheese fondue with chunky bread squares

Hot crab and cheese fondue with chunky bread squares

Shrimp Newburg fondue with chunky bread squares

Chunky chili con queso dip with tri-colored tortilla chips

Hummus dip with pita wedges

Baba Ghannoj (smoked eggplant) with pita wedges

Spinach and jicama dip accompanied by baguette rounds

Caramelized onion and shallot dip accompanied by baguette rounds

Fire roasted salsa and chunky fresh guacamole with tri-colored tortilla chips





Multi Layered Mexican Dip

Fresh cilantro, radish and olives

Cheddar-jack cheese

Fire Roasted Salsa

Sour Cream


Refried Beans


Multi Layered Greek Dip

Fresh oregano, diced fresh red peppers and scallions

Chopped Kalamata olives

Feta Cheese

Chopped marinated Artichoke hearts

Diced avocado with roasted red peppers

Tzatziki yogurt

Thick Hummus


Multi Layered Indian Dip


Fresh cilantro, radish and scallions

Pickled red onion with black mustard seed

Grated Paneer Cheese

Eggplant Curry

Tomato Chutney

Coriander Raita

Thick Lentil Dal


Multi Layered Italian Dip


Fresh Basil, Red pepper and scallions

Diced Giardiniera

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Eggplant Caponata

Tomato Pomodori

Roasted Garlic sour cream aioli

Thick Cannellini bean dip




The following dips are accompanied by baskets of fresh baked toasty garlic and herb baguette rounds

Black olive tapenade

French goat’s cheese and sun dried tomato mousse

Classic tomato pomodoro with shallots, garlic and fresh basil


Exotic mushroom ragout


Eggplant caponata


Confit of tri colored sweet bell peppers in a spicy sweet and sour gastrique


Pesto of Artichokes, Walnuts and Parmesan


Minced artichoke heart with three-cheese crème fraiche


Classic Southern pimento cheese

Grilled chicken with Gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions and walnuts

Smoked Salmon with shallots, capers and Mascarpone mousse


Pureed Tuscan white bean with roasted garlic, rosemary and white truffle oil


Roasted red pepper with smoked paprika and imported Greek feta








*Angus burger sliders with aged cheddar and caramelized onion confit


*Angus bleu cheese sliders with crispy fried onions

*French dip sliders with tender beef, creamed horseradish and au jus


*Chopped BBQ beef sliders with roasted garlic-jalapeno aioli

*Teriyaki burger slider with grilled pineapple relish

*Meatball slider with marinara and melted Provolone

*Pomegranate glazed Kofta burger, with grilled red onions, minted cucumber yogurt


*Carne Asada slider with grilled peppers and onions, avocado-chipotle spread


*Rueben slider with pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 island


*Lamb-burger slider with crumbled feta and Kalamata-Tzatziki yogurt


*Hawaiian Kalua pulled pork slider with mango slaw

*Carolina pulled pork sliders with green apple slaw

*House made Italian sausage sliders with peppers, onions, marinara and Parmesan


*Cubano slider with roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles

*Grilled Portobello slider with roasted red peppers, baby spinach, crumbled feta and sundried tomato-Kalamata olive aioli

*Vegetarian Mushroom Burger slider with Havarti and caramelized onion confit


*Falafel slider with minted cucumber salad and hummus spread

*Fried chicken slider with fried pickles and honey Dijon

*Pollo Asada slider with grilled peppers and onions, avocado-chipotle spread


*Chicken Parmesana slider with provolone and marinara

*Tandoori chicken slider with mango chutney, fresh ginger-cilantro yogurt


*Salmon burger slider with cucumber-avocado relish, honey-mustard


*Vietnamese sugarcane prawn slider with Asian slaw, sweet soy aioli

*Sushi grade Albacore tuna slider, Asian slaw, wasabi aioli

*Maryland crab cake slider with caper remoulade


Served chilled mini sandwiches

In dinner roll, biscuit and cream puff: Tri-tip with arugula and creamed horseradish on soft roll, Virginia ham with honey mustard on mini cheddar biscuit, Crab, roasted chicken or almond tuna salad in cream puff

Crustless tea sandwiches: *Crab, roasted chicken, curried egg or almond tuna salad, *PB&J, *smoked salmon, *goat cheese-wild mushroom,* turkey- cranberry, *pimento cheese, *minced country ham - artichoke

Pinwheel Sandwiches: Mexican vegetable, grilled veggie, smoked salmon- asparagus, Greek chicken-olive, and Tandoori chicken with Basmati, mango chutney 







Let our Chefs prepare these items to order for your guests 



The Carvery

Your selection of meats, Chef carved to order
The Carvery always includes silver dollar rolls and gourmet sauces


Whole Roast Tenderloin of Beef

Herb Crusted New York Strip

Grilled Tender Tri-Tip of Beef

Whole Roast Pork Loin

Whole Roast Pork Tenderloin

Greek Marinated Leg of Lamb

Roast Breast of Turkey

Smoked Sausage Encased in Puff Pastry

Filet of Salmon Encased in Puff Pastry with Wild Mushroom Duxelles


Spiral Sliced “on the bone” Brown Sugar and Honey Baked Ham 

"Chef" Manned Stations

Fajita Station, Beef, Chicken, Shrimp and Vegetarian

Yukon Gold Mashed Potato “Martini Bar” with endless toppings


Pasta Station, Penne Pasta or Tortellini with guest’s choice of three sauces


Quesadilla Station, several fillings, custom made

Stir-fry Station, Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetarian

Salad Station, “choose your own perfect salad, Chef tossed”

Sushi Bar, All your favorites with professional Chefs

Crepe Station, several fillings, custom made, sweet or savory


Crème Brulee Station, Chef “Torched” to order


Flambé Station, Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee, Crepe Suzette 








Beef or chicken Taquito’s

Brie and mango filled quesadilla wedges

Green chili and cheese quesadilla wedges

Mexican Pork or chicken lettuce cups

Mexican corn and crab fritters with chipotle créma

True Mexican style street tacos, Carne asada, pollo, or grilled veggie


Chili relleno tarts with corn masa topping

Carnitas in tortilla cups with cilantro avocado slaw and orange salsa


Nachos with cheese sauce and jalapeno rings

Vegetarian pot stickers with chili-mint dipping sauce

Pork pot stickers with fresh ginger-tamari sauce

Shrimp Sui mai

Thai crab salad in wonton cups

BBQ steamed pork buns with Hoisin sauce

Asian Pork or chicken lettuce cups

Assorted tray display of fresh made sushi

Vietnamese crab and fresh herb summer rolls


Vietnamese prawn and fresh herb summer rolls


Vietnamese vegetable and fresh herb summer rolls 








Malaysian chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce

Teriyaki chicken and grilled pineapple skewer

Chicken skewer with chipotle aioli and red chili tortilla crust


Coconut shrimp skewer with Pina Colada dipping sauce


Fajita grilled chicken, onion and sweet pepper skewers


Fajita grilled carne asada (beef), onion and sweet pepper skewers


Szechwan beef and pepper skewers

Jamaican “jerked” chicken skewers

Moroccan saffron chicken skewers

Smoked sausage skewer with BBQ apricot Dijon dipping sauce


Pork tenderloin satay with red Thai coconut curry dipping sauce


Portobello mushroom, red pepper and grilled zucchini skewer


Teardrop tomato, Ciliegine mozzarella and fresh basil skewer


Andouille sausage and shrimp skewers with Creole mustard sauce


Seasonal fresh fruit skewers 








Cocktail meatballs, Stroganoff style with sour cream demi-glace


Cocktail meatballs in our house smoky BBQ sauce

Italian cocktail meatballs marinara

Italian meatballs in pesto cream

Mexican cocktail meatballs in a chili Colorado mole

Swedish meatballs with loganberry jam

Cocktail meatballs in our house secret BBQ grape jelly sauce


Sweet and sour meatballs with pineapple and peppers

Grilled chicken wings in our smoky BBQ sauce

Teriyaki chicken wings

Jamaican “jerked chicken wings

Chili and lime marinated chicken wings

Classic Hot wings with Bleu cheese dipping sauce

Grilled smoked sausage rings in sweet and sour sauce with pineapple


Italian sausage rings with onions and peppers in marinara

Mini Asian marinated riblets

Mini BBQ riblets



Smoked sausage wrapped in puff pastry with whole grain mustard


All Beef Hot dog bites in a blanket

House made chicken nuggets with assorted sauces

Fried macaroni and cheese balls

Deep dish pepperoni pizza puffs








Served Hot: Wild mushroom; Tuscan tomato bisque; Lobster bisque; Butternut squash bisque; Creamy asparagus with crispy pancetta; Cuban black bean

Served Chilled: Gazpacho; Potato Leek; Minted Honeydew melon; Creamy avocado; Curried carrot; Cantaloupe basil; Roasted red pepper w/ pesto crème fraîche








Assorted elegant pick-up pastries which may include:

Mini cream puffs and éclairs, Mini fresh fruit tarts,
Chocolate dipped strawberries, Mini nut tarts, Petit fours,
Mini Cupcakes, Mini assorted truffles, Chocolate dipped Madeleine’s, Mini lemon meringue pies and other delectable mini treats





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